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Aerocon Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

Ceilings are no longer just functional aspects of interiors. They are
today essential a key element in interior design, playing a major role in
enhancing aesthetics, increasing safety, reducing ambient noise
and, yes, even cutting costs!
Aerocon Mineral Fiber Ceiling Title is a great example of this
new generation of ceilings.

Made to be superior
Aerocon Mineral Fiber Ceiling Title is made of carefully
selected mineral wool, reinforced with a special additive, and then
mixed, formed, dried, cut, surface finished, and spray coated.

Enjoy the benefits

1)Sound absorption
2)Thermal insulation
3)Fire resistant
4)Mould resistant

Wide-ranging applications
• Hotels • Restaurants • Shopping Malls
• Theatres/Auditoriums • Hospitals • Schools
• Stations • Halls • Offices • Computer Rooms
• Industrial Buildings • Residences

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