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If you want a good looking, stylish and clever storage solution at your home, then your are right place to choose from Aswathy. Aswathy offers designer collection for living room wardrobe shatters and sliding doors where you can easily keep/hide your collections. It’s really hard to figure out the right storage area for a hallway or living room. Our expert designer will make sure that storage solution we offer to you must be functional and practical for keeping clutter free living room.

be functional and practical for keeping clutter free living room.

Our Ward Robe is manufactured by using optimum quality wood to ensure durability and excellent finishing. We customize our Ward Robe as per the requirements of our clients especially in the designing, style and color. Our ward robe offers a unique touch to the modern decor and match with the aesthetic appeal of various product.

Wardrobe have the answer to keeping your room tidy. This wardrobe interior is designed for storing belongings. There’s plenty of storage space for your kids toys, games, books, sports equipment and lots of low level, easy-to-reach shelves to ensure their clothes or toys will never end up on the floor again. Of course, we helps you in design the wardrobe interior with your exact specification to ensure maximum storage for your belongings.

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